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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 28, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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already bracing for potential flooding along creeks and low- lying areas. the ceos expected to feel the brunt of the winds. some gusting to more than 50 miles an hour. people are warned to keep their distance from the waters' edge. the heaviest rainfall is in the north bay. >> we are beginning to see moisture sag to the south. this will be the focal point of the heaviest amounts of rain. we have to watch those smaller creeks right now. they will get close to the monitoring stage. flash flood watches in the north bay. flood advisories for the entire bay area. and as you mentioned those winds gusting to 55 miles per hour especially out near the
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coastline and there's plenty more wind to come. we'll have more details on that coming up. >> thank you. we are going to keep checking back with you frequently, lawrence. thank you. the north bay will be one of the hardest-hit areas. we have team coverage with simon perez in marin county and mike sugerman go pacifica. we begin tonight with simon, where the rain is already coming down hard. simon. >> reporter: we are near larkspur. one of the main concerns is how is this pipe going to hold up to this deluge of rain? this is a sewage pipe and they are concerned crews are going to be out here all night long watching that pipe making sure to can handle it. now, a little farther north from here up in napa there are residents taking matters into their own hands. reporter: it's considered the best way to battle the flooding. >> the object is to get the sandbags so they interlock. most people make the mistake of doing them that fat and then
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they --the water will seep through the middle. so you want to get them less and then interlock them like bricks. >> reporter: scott norton knows the ins and outs of sandbags. >> we have lived here for 17 years. and we probably have been flooded five times. so this is just rolls over the banks and starts heading downtown. >> reporter: staring down at the napa creek, he knows this is ground zero for flooding. >> this is where it's going to all start. if it starts, it starts here. the water can raise probably five feet an hour. >> reporter: so all day long, people who live near the napa river have flocked to downtown to get their supplies. >> my house is .3" in the flood zone. so i'm going to sandbag up a couple doors and maybe stay up a little late tonight. >> reporter: in marin county this construction crew was fork -- remodeling hamilton park in greenbrae was pushing to get as much done as it could before the rain made it too soggy continue to work.
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so two hours of constant rain. sometimes the winds pretty strong. blowing the wind almost horizontally, robert. i think this qualifies for the reporter in the rain live shot. >> you are right. simon perez in marin county, stay safe out there. and now to the coast and mike sugerman. he is standing by in pacifica. mike, what are the conditions like there? >> well, not good. it's misses act. the wind is coming from the south to the north. the rain is coming from the north to the south. we are stuck in the blender. my photographer, jennifer mistrot and my self i heard dana say not to get too close to the water. that's where we are so we are going to move as soon as we're done with this. the waves in pacifica can be coming up over the wall i'm standing at and over the pier. would you want to surf in that? surfers were doing it today and they are talking about doing it
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tomorrow. >> it things are better now. i think it's going to be windy to. probably too windy for here. >> how big are the waves going to be tomorrow morning? >> probably around 9:00 or 10 -- probably around 9 feet or 10 feet records are you excited? >> yeah. it's going to be fun. >> so the wind is pick up here and it started to pour about 15 minutes ago. up in the hills, we understand, in san mateo county, the gust are up to 40 miles an hour. i'm not sure what they are here. it's unpleasant. there is nobody out on the streets of pacifica. they are used to this kind of rain in pacifica. they kind of toss these back. but overnight it could get very bad. and i'd stay inside and i think we are going to move away from the water's edge. >> that is probably a very good idea. mike sugerman in an absolutely soggy pacifica, mike, thanks. all right. we want to take some live pictures around the bay area right now to see how the rain
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is coming down. we have a picture now from the east bay. this is what you're looking at right now. this is down in the berkeley area near interstate 80. the vein coming in almost horizontal. it is pouring out there right now. and certainly, the rush hour is going to be a mess. it's going to be a very slow one. people need to take their time. so if you are expecting someone, just be patient. they will get there hopefully safe and sound. traffic is light tonight because of the holiday week. while there is a high wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area, no trouble has been reported on any of the bay area bridges. traffic appears to be moving steadily over all the major spans including the golden gate bridge. sfo is experiencing delays both because of the weather here and because of the weather on the east coast. some flights to and from the east coast are delayed from one
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to four hours. some west coast flights are delayed on the ground at sfo through midnight tonight. we have breaking political news out of sacramento tonight. the southern california supreme court has just denied one of governor schwarzenegger's last requests before he leaves office. the court will not allow him to sell off state office buildings. that ruling means that the decision on the properties will fall to the governor-elect jerry brown. three former members of the state building authority sued to stop the sale saying that it amounts to an unlawful gift of public funds. checking other bay area headlines now, oakland police are issuing a familiar warning to people buying and selling items on craigslist. they say they have had several recent reports from people answering ads to buy a car and then they're robbed. two of the attacks were in remote areas north and east of the city. one of the victims was badly beaten. and pavement repairs will begin next year on 13 miles of
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680 between walnut creek and danville. caltrans will also extend the carpool lane southbound into the walnut creek. that work was supposed to begin last summer. but it was delayed by the state budget stalemate. and people in atherton may soon have to pay up for leaving their garbage cans out too long. town leaders are considering an ordinance that would limit the amount of time bins could be left on the curb. there have been complaints about the containers sitting out for days. the pilot who exposed what he calls security flaws at sfo has gone public. he has been both applauded and criticized for his youtube videos. but jonas tichenor reports this pilot calls his critics naive. >> security for the ground pernell. >> reporter: the video somewhat shaky narrated by chris liu was never supposed to get all this attention. >> i uploaded it to youtube just to get a discussion from
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the youtube committee -- community. >> reporter: it's gone viral to global uploaded on november 28. by the 30th, he was called by american airlines at home, who asked him to take it down. >> four or five days later, six law enforcement people showed aunt my house. >> reporter: liu's anonymity was compromised. he resigned from a federal program helping pilots avoid having their planes hijacked. and at a news conference today, he and his attorney say it's now about fixing holes in airport security. >> i sincerely hope we have started a national debate on how to improve aviation safety and security. >> reporter: liu specifically points at doors that he says lead to high security areas, accessed by ground crews with a simple card swipe. his video shows one such door and indeed we found several at sacramento international.
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in a statement, the tsa says, "tsa has confidence in airport employee access control measure this is place at airports nationwide including san francisco international airport." >> i have been to thousands of those black doors at hundreds of different airports all across the country. >> i think it's unfortunate that both tsa and san francisco have tried to basically mislead the american public by saying this problem isn't a problem. >> that was jonas tichenor reporting. now, in a written statement, sfo says, the doors shown in the video only provide access to an employee lunchroom and not the air field. overcrowding that has reached a crisis. one shelter's extreme approach to finding homes for abandoned pets. >> some people in southern california terrified over the threat of more rain, now bracing for the potential of devastating mud slides >> i have heard the term spabu
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lance chasers. >> one man's campaign to keep unwanted ads out of your mailbox. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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move. the "s-s bay" was towed from its suisun bay anchorage today. it's another member of the mothball fleet is on the movement the sf bay was towed from its suisun bay anchorage today. it's being moved to a san francisco dry doctor cleaning and then taken to the panama canal to chesapeake, virginia, to be dismantled. it is one of three ships scheduled to be recycled. >> and the sea lion found shot in the face three weeks ago is now blind and cannot be released back into the wild. "silent night" lost his right eye and there is permanent damage to the optic nerve. the vets say he is healthy otherwise, and he could be easely adopted by an aquarium or sanctuary. san jose's animal care center is packed to capacity. the shelter has more homeless dogs than it can handle right now. so as mark sayre shows us, they are making an offer that
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hopefully no pet lover can refuse. >> reporter: you can see the joy on his face as his grandmother considers adopting a dog. and for joyce, making sure the would-be addition to the family gets along with her grandson and her existing dog is an important part of the decision-making process. >> i have been looking online for a while. and a lot of your places, they want like $300, $400 just to take a dog out of there. so a lot of people don't have that kind of money but they want a pet. >> reporter: the shelter finds itself in the position of losing money on some adoptions because there are just so many dogs that need good homes. >> we are just seeing so many more animals. generally, we usually have about 350 animals a month. that's our average. and lately, we have been getting 650 dogs coming in a month which is just tremendous. >> reporter: the shelter itself is over capacity and dogs in many cases are being kept two to a kennel. why so many dogs? the only real theory is the economy.
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>> by don't havehard proof, but we think that that's what's going on because many of the people that are turning in the dogs to us are telling us that they are having any to move, they are being foreclosed on. >> reporter: vanessa and her daughter are looking to adopt a dog. >> i like small cute fluffy dogs. >> reporter: while they are excited to find a new pet they are only too happy to save money in the process. >> sometimes it's kind of hard with money? but if there's like a financial break it will be a lot easier for a lot of people to adopt animals. >> the name your price pro explosion goes through the end of the year you don't have to be a resident of san jose or santa clara to adopt. the rain is blowing sideways. lawrence is standing by in the pinpoint weather center with an expectation for this storm to get a lot worse. >> i'm high and dry here, but outside, folks, it's just ripping around parts of the bay area. a tough go out on the roadways.
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but the rain continues to fall and yes, as robert mentioned it will continue to pick up as we head in toward the next couple of hours. the rain is going to be heavy and that's what's going to be interesting. we can see rain rates near .75" to maybe about an inch an hour and, of course, if that happens, we are going to watch out for the possibility of flooding. hi-def doppler is picking up a huge swath of moisture making its way across parts of the bay area now with moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall. the main focus so far has been on the north bay but that's beginning to shift now. we are seeing some of this moisture sagging further to the south. and even now into san francisco and the peninsula, we are starting to pick up moderate to heavier rainfall here. the south bay still some lighter amounts of rain. they have been seeing the showers there but we are going to get into it in the south bay towards san jose going to get heavy tonight. also in the santa cruz mountains you can see one to maybe three inches of rain across some of the mountaintops there. so the storm system taking some time to set up today. a lot of clouds pouring in across the skies.
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the plain event is in force. the brunt of it coming through the evening hours as it slides by. you can see the cold front behind it a couple of things going for it that are good. a lot of subtropical moisture attached to it and a lot of cold air on the back side to ring all the moisture out of the storm system as it passes on through. so we have flash flood watches up for the north bay counties and tonight be very care: you will see creeks especially rise in a hurry. checking on some of the major rivers, right now doesn't like like they are going to crest above flood stage. we are going to watch it closely. flood advisories in the rest of the bay area. a lot of the creeks and pulling on the roads very dangerous all around the bay area. we haven't even mentioned the winds. they are whipping outside. haven't seen some of those gusts -- have seen some of those gusts around 40 miles per hour at the coasts, in the mountains we could see gusts as the front gets closer to near 55 miles per hour. we are expecting trees to come down tonight, power to go out. so folks, yeah, get out the flashlights. you may need them tonight. this is one of those nights. let's team it out.
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the storm system with the heaviest amount of rain at 7:00 located in the north bay. 10:00 the front sags south. the heaviest rain shifts to the santa cruz mountains. but this is where it gets interesting. we get on the back side of the storm system after midnight, things just become scattered showers. so it's really bad through the first part of the night tonight. and then things shift gears as we head towards midnight as it looks like things will begin to calm down a bit. now, on the back side of the storm system we have a lot of cold air so tomorrow could be neat. we could see some cold temperatures highs only in the 40s and the 50s. but you know what? maybe some snow as we head in toward tomorrow night and wednesday. very low along the mountaintops here. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you. it has not started raining yet in southern california. but it is in the forecast. and that makes people who still have not cleaned up from last week's flooding very nervous. sandra hughes on how they are preparing tonight. >> reporter: amber morton's home in highland, california, is filled with at least three
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feet of mud. >> we can't salvage a lot. we can't salvage anything. >> reporter: a flood caused by last week's rain storms destroyed five homes here and damaged another 73. volunteers are racing to dig out the mud before another storm which is expected overnight. this neighborhood was flooded when debris backed up in the storm drain. just behind me a manhole cover over that storm drain exploded 50 feet in the air. water and mud poured out. today, those storm drains are being cleared. and 100,000 sandbags are being stacked to avoid a repeat of last week's disaster. >> those residents who are still allowed in their homes are absolutely terrified. there is still some debris that could be loosened by the rain expected over the next couple of days. >> reporter: about an inch of rain is forecast but on this saturated ground, even that amount could be dangerous.
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sandra hughes, cbs news, highland, california. a man gets the ultimate revenge on spammers. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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able to log on the internet we're moving on to the next step in making the whole worl wi-fi. soon you will be able to log on the internet while watching the boats on san francisco's waterfront. at&t says it's part of the plan to move beyond hotels and coffee shops into public spaces. besides the embarcadero, they say they will add wi-fi across the country all the way to times square. speaking of the internet, we all hate spam. but one san francisco man is actually making a living off of it. on the consumerwatch, julie watts introduces us to a lawyer who is taking spammers to court and he is actually winning. >> reporter: he is and making a
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living at it. in any given day it's estimated there are 200 billion spam messages going out to e-mails around the world and most of them promise cheap drugs, free sex, too good-to-be true offers. now one san francisco man is fighting back but get this not everybody is on his side. >> you know, try this pill that will make your penis bigger. >> reporter: everybody hates spam. >> i get hundreds or thousands of spams every week. >> reporter: buzz for daniel balsam it translates to millions. he pursued a law degree to hope to stop the spammers once and for all. he says started marketing is one thing. >> the spam is totally irrelevant to the target consumer and these are the people that i go after. >> reporter: and he has been successful. in addition to 42 small claims victories he believes his
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winning spam case was the first in california to ever go to trial. an appeal is pending. he details his cases at while many call him the ultimate spokesman blocker others have a different name. >> i have heard the name "spambulence" chaser. >> reporter: he has been a nemesis for balsam representing a handful of companies he sued. >> spam isn't illegal. congress says unsolicited email was protected by the first amendment. >> as long as it's truthful and meets other requirements. >> reporter: it's those other requirements that enable him to win so many cases. from fake names to deceptive subject lines there are many things that can make e-mails like these illegal under state law. still, kelly says, balsam's tactics are excessive. >> he is going after legitimate companies on questionable claims and he is able to get settlements on a lot of them because of the nuisance value. they are some companies that don't want to defend a claim. >> reporter: balsam says his goal is to rid the world of
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unwanted e-mails one spammer at a time and while kelly admits that's noble -- >> on the other level dan is a "spambulence" chaser. >> the legislation passed the law. >> reporter: so he will keep doing it to the delight of many. >> if people send you stuff illegally, that's not right. so i'm all for it. >> reporter: balsam stresses just because he wins a judgment doesn't mean they pay. he says the most difficult part of the job is tracking down the spammers. his website helps you track down spammers if you are interested and it has details on spam law. >> curiously, he is his own client. >> exactly. he is taking all these spokesmanners to small claims court and in california, no lawyers can be present in small claims court so he personally is taking them. the one case that went to trial court he had another lawyer represent him. >> and his success rate? >> 45 cases he has won, 75 he
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took to court. >> i don't think i would want to and him an email. >> don't spam him. [ laughter ] >> thank you. well, heavy weather is already pounding parts of the bay area. where they are bracing for potential flooding and strong winds. we want to let them know that come check out walnut creek for a little bit, too, because you'll really enjoy it. >> plus, destination walnut creek. the push to sell the east bay town and how people are firing back. >> fire engine red? >> i turn kind of red actually. >> it is as plain as the redness in their faces. the genetic marker among some asians that may predict life- threatening health problems ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to the bay area, bringing wind, brace for a big one as you see from hi-def doppler. a powerful storm is on its way to the bay area bringing wind, rain and flood concerns. we're tracking the storm and we'll have more throughout the newscast.
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now, as the storm moves through, some areas in the north bay could get as much as 4" of rain and wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour. >> and simon perez joins us now with a gusty little update from marin county. you look green. >> reporter: the rain is going to keep coming down well into the evening. with that kind of forecast, the people who are used to flooding know exactly what to do. >> reporter: this is downtown napa plenty of folks showed up to fill up sandbags to pretty much take the defense of their homes into their own hands. >> me object is to get the sandbags so they interlock. most people make the mistake of doing them that fat and then they --the water will seep through the middle. so you want to get them less and then interlock them like bricks. >> my house is .3" in the flood zone.
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so i'm going to sandbag up a couple doors and maybe stay up a little late tonight. >> reporter: we are here in the rain in larkspur and all eyes are on this pipe, the backup sewage pipe to replace the one that burst last week. crews will watch the pipe all night to be sure it doesn't burst because it rain essentially is just getting started. >> you know, i understand the corte madera creek, which is near larkspur, is unsafe for anyone to go in becaus of the pipeline breakage. >> reporter: we still have pollution to deal with. the store owners larkspur experienced that flooding several years ago, four or five years. >> reporter: yeah. lots of communities here in the north bay in marin county in particular. they know what to do.
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>> are you seeing sandbagging in larkspur. >> reporter: not too much of that here yet. most of that was going on in napa. basically a lot of what we are focusing on here is this pipe in making sure that nothing happens to it. there construction crews that are trying to polish it up and make sure it holds throughout the night. >> thank you, simon perez. >> reporter: thank you. from heavy rainfall in marin county, let's head south to the coast where mike sugerman is standing by. looks wet. >> reporter: heavy rain down here, too, robert. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we got the rain coming from the north to the south. we have the wind coming from the south to the north to the south. we are right like stuck in the middle here. the winds probably about 25 miles an hour. it's going to get worse. jennifer, let's look at the light. that's our light over there. it doesn't weigh as much as i do. but there are sandbags on it. look at the way it's swaying and you can see the wind and the rain there. here at pacifica, you know,
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this is really kind of nothing for them. they have been used to this for years and years and years loy haven't seen any cars on the road. but you know, we talked to people. they said, yeah, it's raining but we'll do okay. >> we're all set. we have a generator if something happens and all my summer stuff we have a little shed so it's all put away. so we are ready. >> reporter: all right. so we're at the pier, the pacifica pier. and when things get really bad, first of all, the water will go over the wall here. and that's about i don't know about 10 feet. but when it really gets bad it goes over the pier. and there's no talk about that. but i will say that overnight they are talking about 40-mile- an-hour winds and that's about half of what's going on now. it's miserable out here. i haven't seen anybody on the streets and i don't expect to for a while. >> and the pier behind you, that's closed off, nobody can
6:33 pm
go down there, right? >> you can. you want to take a walk? let's take a walk down there, shall we? [ laughter ] >> reporter: here we go. it's not a good idea, but no. it's open. i wouldn't come out here. there is no good reason to be out here. >> mike, very quick. we have all done live shots from the location where you are. very often when storms move in the waves start to lap very high at that rock wall behind you. are you seeing the waves move in, any closer? >> reporter: yeah. no, they are not going up at all. nothing at all. it went about halfway up through the rocks. but it hasn't gone on to the sidewalk yet. that could come later on tonight with the big winds. but no. you know, pacifica has seen bad, bad, bad, bad, bad storms. this is just a bad storm. >> all right. well, a deep thank you to mike sugerman and simon perez for doing what reporters -- >> and jennifer mistrot. >> thanks to all of you. we have a lot of cameras stationed all around the bay area. we are going to take a look at some of them now. this is a live picture from downtown san jose.
6:34 pm
first and san fernando. it's raining pretty hard. apparently, it just started to pick up to this degree in the last half hour. half hour. traffic i crawling. the cameraman says the rain is heavy there and clearly drivers are responding to that in a safe and appropriate manner so that's good. the rainfall caused a sinkhole on 680. they closed an eastbound ramp at cummings skyway. the hole was 12 feet by 4 feet and about 8" deep. repairs were wrapped up just this afternoon. and bart construction closed a fremont thoroughfare for much of the day. crews are putting a temporary bridge along westbound stevenson boulevard as part of bart's extension project to
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warm springs. that project also includes digging a tunnel under central park to extend service to san jose. an east bay city thinks it has what it takes to become a top destination in the bay area. it just needs to get the word out. but ann notarangelo reports, the plan to attract more tourists starts with a counter intuitive switch. >> ample parking... lots of restaurants... great shopping... it's awesome. >> reporter: marcia tobias left san francisco eight years ago to open her salon in walnut creek. she believes walnut creek is becoming a destination city. >> i'm really glad i'm here. >> reporter: but with the nearly 40% vacancy rate, the city's four hotels want more people to come and stay a while. so they have agreed to collect a $2 a night fee from their visitors to start promoting the city. walnut creek doesn't have a convex and tourism bureau so the $300,000 collect each year would help spread the word. charles didn't like the idea.
6:36 pm
his holiday inn express sells value and doesn't like anything that raises his prices. and he doesn't want neighboring hotels who aren't in the city and don't have to collect the fee benefit. >> we wanted to be certain that they weren't basically free loading on our advertising, that we have a return on the investment. >> reporter: but he is on board with a plan for good reason. >> i use myself as an example. i stayed at this very hotel 14 years ago. and i was too cheap to spend $200 a night in napa so i stayed and dined in walnut creek and went to napa valley and did some wine tasting. >> there are some very cool local places. >> reporter: this city councilman says walnut creek also wants to promote its trails, mount diablo and its regional art center. >> it's about promoting walnut creek as a really cool destination. we want to let them know to come check the out walnut creek. you will enjoy it. >> reporter: he is under the impression that most major cities already have a hotel fee similar to this but he doesn't think walnut creek is going to become the next san francisco. >> we don't want to be san
6:37 pm
francisco. we know we're not going to be napa. we are certainly not disneyland. those are big national destinations. but we have a heck of a lot to offer. >> reporter: they will be targeting people who tend to "stay-cation." they get folks from the central valley, san jose, sacramento. their first step is likely to be a website letting now all that walnut creek has to offer. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >> the mystery of red faced drinkers solved. what researchers say it may indicate about medical problems ahead. and rain here, snow in the sierra. how the snowpack is measuring up so far this season. coming up in sports, we'll tell you which 9ers and raiders are headed to the pro bowl and the stanford woman took the court today looking for their 51st home win in a row. ♪ [ female announcer ] the cleaner the counter, the smoother the counter. with bounty you can be con you'll get your counter clean.
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in this lab test, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface 3x cleaner than the bargain brand. ♪ big mess? bring it. super absorbent, super durable, super clean. bounty. the clean picker upper. and for huge value, try bounty huge roll.
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year. but, tonight, a it's that time of year celebrating and toasting the new year but tonight a warning.
6:40 pm
if you are asian and get red in the face when you drink alcohol, you may be at higher risk of getting a deadly form of cancer. from dr. kim mulvihill is here to explain. >> reporter: we are talking about cancer of the esophagus and we know that drinking alcohol is a risk factor for anyone. but this physical characteristic, one some cail the asian alcohol response is actually the sign of an inherited enzyme deficiency. if you have it you're at greater risk if you drink. reporter: ask asians about drinking alcohol and you often hear this. >> yeah, i do turn red actually. >> they are just flushed red. er in fire engine red. >> reporter: whether it's called the asian flush or asian glow, it's more than a red face. it's a red flag. people who flush like this 22- year-old seen on the left before and on the right after drinking alcohol don't make enough of a key enzyme that helps you metabolize alcohol.
6:41 pm
here's how it works. when you drink it turns into a acid aldehyde a toxic chemical that can damage dna. it then breaks it into acetate which is not toxic in the body. if there is not enough enzyme, acid aldehyde builds up causing flushing, nausea and rapid heartbeat and with continued drinking a six to ten field increase in esophogeal cancer information that may change drinking behavior. >> definitely, i have never heard of that before. so definitely something to think about. >> reporter: only 20% of patients with esophogeal cancer survive three years after diagnosis and that's why prevention is so important. while this enzyme deficiency can affect anyone, it occur this is roughly a third of east asians. and another head up. smoking compounds the problem for those who are deficient and further increases the risk of
6:42 pm
esophogeal cancer. >> we know you develop some type of tolerance to drinking alcohol. would those people affected by this lack of enzyme develop some kind of -- >> reporter: it kind of depends. folks who inherit two abnormal genes often are so sensitive to alcohol that they just stop drinking because they have wicked symptoms. others who only inherit one bad copy of the gene, then they can develop a tolerance and those are the ones that we really are concerned about because they can continue to drink and increase their risk. >> but you don't know the degree of your intolerance because -- >> reporter: it happens when people drink and for some, it takes just a little bit and they are aware of it and there is a big concern about kids going off to college and experimenting and drink'ing lot and having a bad reaction. >> it's a good thing to talk to your doctor about. >> reporter: it's a good heads up and folks who are really at high risk can actually be screened. they can have an endoscopy to look for esophogeal cancer. >> good to know. thank you, kim. well, it's all adding up in
6:43 pm
the sierra. the results of the first snowpack measurement of the season. >> and big-time storm now pounding the bay area. check out that wind and rain. there's a possibility we could see some flooding, too. we'll let you know where coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of water resources describes the first snow survey of the season. it shows water phenomenal, that's how the state department wart rear sources describeses first snow survey. it shows water content well above 100% of normal for the northern sierra. the southern sierra is 267% of normal. the results are surprising. that's because we are in a la nina condition which usually makes for a drier northern california. but we have not seen a drier northern california over the past few weeks and it's not getting drier tonight, lawrence. >> no. they are going to see a whole lot more snow up in the sierra nevada, maybe a couple three feet of snow across some of the higher peaks. we are seeing rain in the bay area now. it's pounding outside. looking out there now, we are expecting to see heavy rainfall continuing throughout the evening hours. check out this live shot. yeah, those winds are whipping around too. we are expecting gusts as high
6:47 pm
as 55 miles per hour. folks, this is definitely one of those nights. you want to have candles and flashlights handy likely to see some power outages around the bay area especially near the coast. that's where you will feel the full brunt of the storm. you have the rainfall that was pouring heavily in the north bay early on. now we are seeing the rain and the heavier amounts sagging further and further to the south. it is going to continue to really hum through the bay area as we head through the evening hours. then if may begin to taper off a bit. santa rosa and healdsburg moderate who heavy amounts of rainfall towards vallejo. we have been watching the napa and russian rivers closely. we are checking on the gauges in the rivers and it looks like they will rise but stay within the flood stage. we get too much rain, watch out along the rivers. there is a possibility of some flooding. all around the bay area we are watching the smaller creeks, too. expecting the heavy rainfall continuing and it is sagging south now in through san francisco along the peninsula in toward redwood city things really beginning to pick up now and, of course, the better part
6:48 pm
of the evening just some light showers toward san jose but that now is beginning to change. as you can see, heavier amounts of rainfall beginning to show up into fremont and work southward up toward the santa cruz mountains where they will see a lot of rain overnight tonight. the storm system really wrapping up nicely along the coastline sagging south. the moisture racing onshore throughout the day today but not much in the way of rain. just some scattered showers but things really coming together to make for a stormy night tonight. it looks like things will stay very unsettled. flash flood watches in effect for the north bay counties for tonight. expecting those rivers to rise. those creeks to rise in a hurry so watch out for that. flood advisory for the entire bay area. and yes, the wind advisory is in effect, expecting gusty winds to 55 miles an hour. water, yeah, plenty of it. 2 to 4" expected in the north bay as you head to the south still some heavy rainfall one to two inches on the peninsula maybe one to three inches in the santa cruz mountains. you get the idea. yeah, a lot of rain all around the state for tomorrow and snow in the high country. winter storm warnings two to three feet of snow above 7,000
6:49 pm
feet. and those cold temperatures getting down into the single digits overnight lows heading into the latter part of the week. the storm system, subtropical moisture here, cold air from the north. they are all combining right now to make for a very stormy night all around the bay area. so with that in mind, let's roll the clock forward and take you through the night tonight. that heaviest amount of rainfall now sagging through as we head for about 10:00. we have heavy rainfall extending from the north bay down into the santa cruz mountains. and then after midnight things begin to settle down a bit. they are breaking off into showers around the bay area and that's good because the damage will be done by then. we're talking about that heavy rainfall all around the bay area. so with that in mind, a colder air on the way behind the storm system, cold enough we could see some snow overnight wednesday night into thursday. temperatures for highs tomorrow only into the 40s and 50s. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the stanford women try to take down a top 5 team at maples this afternoon. >> don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said
6:50 pm
it. to me, that's a wrap. >> the best sound bites of 2010 coming up in sports. ,,,, [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price.
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four xavier, in a rematch from last year's elite eight... the stanford women host uconn on thursday but couldn't afford to overlook number 4 xavier in a rematch from last year's elite eight. >> stanford has a time-out left. stanford's going to the final four! [ applause and cheers ] >> they met this afternoon at maples pavilion. no heroics needed. shades of last year at arco with a right-handed layup. the senior had 19 points. cardinal outscored xavier by 24 in the second half. stanford blows out fourth ranked xavier 89-52, their 51st straight at home win. >> xavier has already proven that they are a top team and
6:54 pm
this was a real important kind of statement game for us that what need to to do and we did it. >> i can't say that i wouldn't be upset if i didn't go to the football four because of a buzzer beater. we knew they were going to be upset about it and we knew we were going to have to play way better than we played them the first time. >> the 2011 pro bowl rosters were released today and the 9ers and raiders will be represented nicely in honolulu. for san francisco, patrick willis will make his fourth appearance in his fourth year in the league. he will be joined by defense ever lineman justin smith. as for the raiders, richard seymour are going for the sixth time in their careers. this has to be the best horse shot ever. former warrior gilbert arenas launches a prayer from 75 feet at the halftime buzzer it bounces off the shot clock and goes in. it didn't count. but the magic beat the nets and
6:55 pm
have won three of four since bringing in arenas and jason richardson. each week we have the best sound bite. here's the best of of the best in 2010. >> i'm a man! i'm 40! >> i want winners. >> i was unfaithful. i had affairs. i cheated. >> i can't believe you guys won. you messed up my bracket but i love it. stuff like that. so that's from my mom. so i knew -- [ laughter ] >> i knew we didn't have a lot of believers. >> i had an idea and then, uhm....... [ laughter ] >> what? it's funny? >> oh, god. we stink! >> when you're in the moment, you're in the moment. >> so if i swab, snot, spit, please excuse mer. >> like "shrek" and donkey. [ laughter ] >> don't shoot, don't shoot. i say whatever.
6:56 pm
wahoo! >> runeverybody! hee got themautomatic. gangsters, pimps, godfather, he got them all! >> we should be more responsible. a 20-year-old player or a 40- year-old man who is supposed to be a professional? if they would quit acting like pimps and act like professionals we wouldn't have this problem. >> driver of the penske racing dodge, kyle bush is [ bleep ]. >> i think i speak with diction and i think i express myself pretty well. >> don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said it. to me that's a rat. >> the world champions going to the hall of fame -- next year spring training. >> great coach, great person. you know? there is no question about that. in addition he is very handsome. >> i'm worried about him. if you see that turkey with this stuff hanging down there like that, i mean they might shoot him. >> i want to make this fun.
6:57 pm
the idea is this isn't the cure for cancer. you know? maybe the cure for cohan but not the cure for cancer. >> every, single week i put my freaking heart and soul into this. i study my ass off. i don't go out there and laugh. it's not funny. it's not funny. nothing is funny to me. i don't want to be embarrassed on monday night toobl in front of everybody. >> when the going gets tough, the tough gets going -- you know what i mean. >> we were breaking a women's record, everybody would go aren't those girls nice? just give them two paragraphs in "usa today." you know? give them one line on the bottom of espn and send them back where they belong in the kitchen. >> nothing is funny. nothing is funny. they are coming here this weekend the arizona cardinals coming to town. >> that's my favorite. >> we'll see how funny that will be when they get beat. >> "eye on the bay" is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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